Hoodna Orchestra “Sof Layla”

ILAN SMILAN from the HOODNA ORCHESTRA about this song: The inspiration for this new song came from the countless nights we ended up at the Hoodna Bar in Florentin, Tel Aviv. Perhaps we played a show there or somewhere else, met up with some friends or made new ones, just [...]

New Single by Wanubalé

NADRA / LOOSE FOCUS to us is a very natural evolution of the ideas and impressions WANUBALÉ got after releasing their first album in 2019 and a step closer towards their vision of the band's sound. The two tracks differ massively in their kind of groove and their influences but [...]

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley gonna perform at Roskilde Festival 2020

GYEDU-BLAY AMBOLLEY & HIS SEKONDI FESTIVAL 03. July 2020 Roskilde Festival Tickets & Program: link Ghanian Afro-funk from living legend Gyedu-Blay Ambolley started in the sixties in the Uhuru Dance Band and learned music from outstanding artists like Ebo Taylor, with whom he founded The Apagya Show Band in 1974. [...]

Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience

FULGEANCE "excellent as always with Astatke" SIMBAD "yeeees!!!!" DR BOB JONES "superb production. wonderful ! full support" NICKODEMUS "well done" URGENT.FM "yes, what a vibe" KCSF RADIO "this is truly a transcendental track" WICKED JAZZ SOUNDS "this is fantastic. world music at its finest" LAURENT GARNIER "<3<3<3<3" BUSCEMI "great track [...]

“Para Todos” by Natalie Greffel

DJ MAESTRO "nice!" TIM LOVE LEE "really beautiful" DANNY MASSURE "very nice!" BAMALOVESOUL "yes yes yes" JADA PAROLINI "delicious" JUNIOR "pure joy" RTR FM "absolutely exquisite" SIMBAD "absolutely beautiful" WICKED JAZZ SOUNDS "amazing album. what a vibe!" TOSHIO MATSUURA "smooth" RADIO KRIMI "nice discover" LAURENT GARNIER "stunning - will play [...]

new album by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley !

The Ghanian legend’s latest release shows off a pride of heritage and his honed talent for mixing Highlife with other genres like Rap, Afro-funk and Disco. the album will be available on glorious Double Vinyl gatefold, CD digipack and all digital formats by end of November. various shops: link

WANUBALÉ “phosphenes” – debut album is now on pre-order

Wanubalé – nine guys from Berlin, inspired by the city’s fresh Jazz scene and distinct club culture. This band sets out to define their own, highly danceable version of Jazz, Neo Soul and Funk. Heavy influences from Jazz, Neo Soul and Funk shape their compositions. However, electronic sounds are just [...]

new 7″ by Nautilus

We let the jazzy cat out of the bag with dj, selector and arranger Oonops' second co-operation with japanese trio Nautilus. This time they covered another masterpiece of history: De La Soul's "A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday". this version combines it with the heavy little break of UMC's "One [...]

Oonops Drops Vol. 2

DJ Oonops presents Volume 2 of his extensive compilation covering genres from Dub, Jazz, Funk, Soul to Beats and Hip Hop featuring pretty well known artists as well as zooming newcomers. Bandcamp:


GYEDU-BLAY AMBOLLEY & HIS SEKONDI BAND (Ghana) SIMIGWA SUMMER                07. July Hertme Afrika Festival (NL)                                       08. July Montreux Jazz Festival (CH)   13. July Wildeburg Festival - Kraggenburg (NL)  14. July Valkhof Festival – Nijmegen (NL) 16. July Sommerfestival der Kulturen – Stuttgart (Ger)                    19. July Globaltica Festival – Gdansk [...]


"No No Never" is the first song from the upcoming EP "So Precious" by Berlin's NeoSoul Quartet SERALEEZ. More songs from the EP coming soon. please see the video here: youtube shop here: various shops

“music sun love” by Mo’ Horizons – now on preorder

The upcoming album "music sun love" by Mo' Horizons is now on pre-order. its available on glorious Double LP Vinyl gatefold, CD digipack and all digital formats. please feel free to place your order here: Bandcamp Shop: link Various Shops: link

new artist: WANUBALÉ

We are more than happy to announce the signing of these 9 young Jazz musicians out of Berlin. Wanubalé won the well established Sparda Jazz Award in 2018. They convinced the entire jury - including Klaus Doldinger - with their fast, modern and refined sound. their debut album named "phosphenes" [...]


mattimatti are two friends living in different countries - Germany, Berlin and Sweden, Malmoe. they are travelling around the world playing their music, a mixture of rhythmic, suggestive and meditative soundscapes. Matti & Matti began playing improvised tunes on sitar and hang on the street while travelling through Sweden and [...]

new video by Coladera

Please see the beautiful new video by Coladera. "La Dôtu Lado" swings as much as it seduces. It maps new musical routes linking the Cape Verdean island sounds of batuque and funaná, with deep candomblé inspired rhythms and the heart tugging sway of fado. And in doing so, it has [...]

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Sekondi Band on tour in Europe

07.02 PARADISO, Amsterdam 08.02 NEW MORNING, Paris 09.02 ALICE, Copenhagen 12.02 KIT CAFE, Dusseldorfs 13.02 ANCIENNE BELGIQUE, Brussels 14.02 CLUB MM IN BREBL, Nijmegen 15.02 GROUNDS, Rotterdam 16.02 BROTFABRIK, Frankfurt 17.02 BI NUU, Berlin 20.02 B.LEZA, Lisbon

Mo’ Horizons is back !

To say "Mo'Horizons is back" actually isn't the truth as they haven't been gone since their first release 20 years ago. But - of course - as usual for musicians working together over decades, their releases becoming more and more... let's say 'selected'. So - on this release, in advance [...]


Very happy to announce that we have signed the superb HOODNA ORCHESTRA to our label. Their new album "OFEL" is scheduled for April 2019. First single from it "Ofel I / Breathe" is out 25st in January on 7" single & digital: Bandcamp Shop

“Two Tribes” – selected by Tobi Kirsch & Ubbo Gronewold

TWO TRIBES – an intercontinental journey in rhythm – European music culture has never been closed, on the contrary – it has always integrated influences from all other parts of the world. Two Tribes makes an effort to give insight in how musicians living in Europe today incorporate and transfer [...]


Led by the restless saxophonist Johannes Schleiermacher, this Berlin-based quintet (which is now and then completed by the Danish-Mozambiquan singer Natalie Greffel or malian guitar legend and singer Ahmed Ag Kaedy) has been pushing the boundaries of Afro-Funk to its most extreme, incorporating explosive Jazz improvisations, far out Krautrock, bubbly [...]

SAVAGES Y SUEFO – new album out now !

After the release of their playful debut album "Worldstyle" the Budapest duo returns now with their 2nd album "Brotherhood". The songs often summons blues elements but they are also influenced by dub, funk and un petit de hip-hop. Bandcamp Shop: Various Shops:

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