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Latest Album Releases:

various artists two tribes 2LP|CD|digital

Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers Magic Polaroid LP|CD|digital

Savages y Suefo Brotherhood LP|CD|digital

Andrea Benini Drumphilia Vol. 1 2LP|CD|digital

RSN Strange Eyes DLP|CD|digital

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Latest Single Releases:

Hoodna Orchestra Ofel I / Breathe 7" single | digital

RSN Black Sky feat. Thaliah 7" Single

Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers Onin Okalan feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedy 7" Single / digital

Nautilus Root Down feat. Fleur Earth 7" Single / digital

Lutz Krajenski Plays Hits Agogo 7" Single / digital

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About Agogo Records:

Agogo Records was founded in late 2006 by us, the two Mo'Horizons guys Ralf Droesemeyer & Mark Wetzler and Ralf Zitzmann. our taste is based in Soul, Jazz, Latin & Worldmusic, but also we don't fear some electronic sounds. please feel free to send us your music if you are looking for a label.

Agogo Records Label Nights:

Every first friday at Calamari Moon Suite Cumberlandsche Galerie - Hannover.

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