The two members of Savages Y Suefo (Savages & Suefo) came from the eclectic music scene of Budapest. Savages met Suefo in 2008 and they quickly started working together on tracks and remixes. Since then they did remixes for DelaDap, Kid Loco, Watcha Clan and Anima Sound System to name a few.

They released 4 EPs with the contribution of such names like Renegades Of Jazz, Mr. Bird, or [dunkelbunt].

Their debut album „Worldstyle” came out in January 2013 and got very good feedbacks and support from all over the world. Funkhaus Europa and marked it as the record of the week and many of the songs were licensed to popular compilations and the guys played all around Europe, from London to Athens, or Copenhagen to Milan.

On their new album „Brotherhood” they took another direction from instrumental compositions to actual songs and worked with acclaimed guest vocalists like Ashley Slater (Freak Power, Kitten and the Hip), Denise M’Baye (Mo’ Horizons), M3NSA (RedRed, Fokn Bois), KRSA (PASO), Bryant Goodman (Mystical Plants), and last but not least the one and only female MC of Hungary, Fedora. When they are not producing music or DJ-ing they manage their own record label Mana Mana and run a weekly radio show with the same name at Radio Tilos.

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