Manuel Volpe (born in 1988) is a composer, producer and musician from Jesi, Italy. He started studying music at the age of 11. Early fascinated by jazz and world music he began to explore these languages with different bands and projects.

In 2013 he released his first album entitled “Gloom Lies Beside Me As I Turn My Face Towards The Light” (Goatman Records / A Buzz Supreme). Mainly inspired by folk music and the music of the South of Italy, the album was greeted with great favor by the main italian magazines which have underlined the fine writing and arrangement skills of Volpe.

In 2014 he found the Rhabdomantic Orchestra, an open collective of musicians based in Turin.


Manuel Volpe: vocals, bass, guitars, percussions

Simone Pozzi: drums, percussions

Luca Spena: percussions

Gianandrea Cravero: guitars

Fabio Gorlier: piano, rhodes

Maurizio Busca: clarinet, alto sax

Dario Terzuolo: flute, tenor sax

Michele Bernabei: trumpet, flugelhorn

Luca Zennaro: baritone sax

Lisa Luminari: vocals

Matteo Frau: trumpet

Riccardo Trasselli: doublebass

Cecil Delzant: violin

Lucia Sacerdoni: cello


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