new project by Mop Mop’s ANDREA BENINI

“a journey inspired by early African electronic music and modern beats” bandcamp shop: link various shops: link Drumphilia volume 1 is a rhythmic experiment that sits on the fault line between traditional instrumentation and analogue electronics. The project is a response to many years spent working with, learning about and listening to African and Caribbean   view »

LINEAR JOHN – new album coming up !

LINEAR JOHN “Double Parade” LP | CD | digital The new album by the Finnish multi-instrumentalist Linear John presents popular music in a new light. With “Double Parade”, Markus Holkko aka Linear John seamlessly ties in on his first album. The Pop-Jazz potpourri is mysteriously undefinable; a characterization of all relaxed moody situations one can   view »

coming up: LUTZ KRAJENSKI Plays Hits Agogo

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2017 we asked LUTZ KRAJENSKI to pick 10 songs from our catalog, re-arrange them and record this new versions with an Allstar – Jazz & Soul band. here you can have a listen on the great stuff which has been produced: release date: 04. May 2018

new artist: RSN

RSN is a producer, DJ and musician. he started his career at an early age, having sound influences from the golden era of Hip Hop, as well as from Jazz. Later on, focusing on Soul, Funk and Trip Hop music, he released his projects: “Μuddy roads” (2011, Breathe records), “Play that funky music” (2012, self-independent   view »

now in cinemas: Arthur & Claire featuring music by The Soul Session

our recommendation for going to the cinemas these days: Arthur & Claire featuring one of our most favorited actors, Joseph Hader. they used “Woman & Man” (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix) by The Soul Session in a scene. nice !

new album by KENO

Having released music under various aliases over the last decade – most famously as Renegades Of Jazz, as well as recent incarnation Dem Juju Poets and his Latin outfit Mankoora – celebrated producer and DJ, David Hanke, has gone back to his blissful electronic roots with his latest project, Keno. Agogo Shop: Various Shops:   view »

10 years Agogo Records

Thanks so much to everyone who came down and made our 10 Jahre Agogo Records Party so remarkable wonderful ! photo by Irène Zandel more pics can be found here: Album Link

New 7″ Single: Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedy

AR110VL ONOM AGEMO & THE DISCO JUMPERS “Onin Okalan” feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedy 7″ Single / digital download release date: 15. December 2017 In summer 2017 Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers were busy recording their latest studio album and invited Ahmed Ag Kaedy (which you might know from the documentary “Mali Blues”) to record   view »

coming up: SUPERSOUL

AR099CD/AR099VL SUPERSOUL release date: 27. October 2017 DLP gatefold / CD digipack / digital „For more than 30 years music has been the most important thing in my life“ – this is a clear and true to the heart statement by Soulsurfer, DJ and drummer for the Hanover-based outfit named SUPERSOUL. And yes, SUPERSOUL are   view »

coming up: long awaited new album by THE SOUL SESSION

THE SOUL SESSION “two” featuring ANAJ, GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW, FATMA TAZEGÜL, TOKUNBO AKINRO & OMAR Finally the long awaited new album by THE SOUL SESSION is coming up. mastermind RALPH KIEFER is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer from South Germany. He made a serious impact in 2011 with “one”, the first TSS album. “one”   view »