To the outside world it has been pretty quiet around wnbl, formerly known as Wanubalé, after their last release almost three years ago. But as is often the case in exploratory processes, the impression is deceptive. From building their own rehearsal studio in early 2020 to individually developing as musicians in countless other projects around the Berlin scene (Peter Fox, Noah Slee and labelmates Jembaa Groove just to name a few), they ultimately found themselves learning and growing doing what they know best: playing music together.
Retreating to their new creative home in Berlin-Neukölln for dayxs in a row, the band discovered a new way of producing fresh material collectively – recording their improvisations as a band and listening back for the most exciting ideas to be developed into songs.
In one of these session the initial spark for “Still not in Space” came up in form of a bass riff. Trusting a shared vision of the song to be, the rhythm section started jamming and recorded a take. Listening back a few weeks later, things fell into place: After spotting space for the horns, the band invited Sacramento, CA raised rapper Mike Nasa, a regular in the Berlin HipHop and R’n’B scene, to add lyrics to the track.

listen here: link