Featuring a cast of guest singers, including Ghanaian legend Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Mango, is a fiery and sample-heavy blend of future-funk, balearic, highlife, Brazilian drum ‘n bass and lo-fi hip hop, set to be released on their long-standing label Agogo Records on 20 October.

Familiar and warming sounds pervade Mango; the call of the Brazilian cuica, the snapping snares, rolling breakbeats, swooning sax licks, and dreamy beach vibrations. Yet there are brand new tricks; on Havanna B-Boys Arthur Lee’s gravelly voice is sampled whilst a frenetic funk-ridden groove pulses, and the mesmeric vocal samples from Anglo-Portuguese singer Guida de Palma feature on opener Anotha Bossa. Both shine as the album’s singles. Outside Ambolley’s contribution, further collabs sees Mo’ Horizons reconnect with Venezuelan percussionist Nené Vásquez, Colombian singer Ivan Camelo, Hannover based, Israeli singer Noam Bar Azulay and Spanish singer Laura Insausti.