With their third album Mo`Horizons break further new ground in the way of artistic freedom. As already evident from „Come Touch The Sun” and „Remember Tomorrow” they allow for no musical corsett constraints. Not only a huge enlargement of a wide and variable record collection, but also worldwide DJ sets and their on the road experiences from their European live tour has allowed their musical Horizons and consequently their production skills to further develop & grow.

„…And The New Bohemian Freedom” which is not just material that has Downtown Hannover origins, Mo`Horizons travelled the world not only with Record Box & Toothbrush but also their laptops which they kept constantly at hand. Not allowing any chance or opportunity to pass in order to capture and eternalise authentic and original material on their Harddrive on the spot, not only capturing the material but also the mood. Therefore you could say this album was produced in Australia, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Portugal and also on the wonderful Canary Island La Palma.

This all paired with the the freedom to release an album the way they want and the support of Stereo Deluxe has given Mo`Horizons the feeling that they find themselves in a „new bohemian freedom” nights.