Social Limbo is the new album by OPEZ.

A collection of eleven dreamy, rough, abundant instrumental songs which have the guts to subsist and survive the fluidity of our times. With his melodies Massi Amadori tells the nostalgia and melancholy of a lived, loved and consumed Italy.

In the Limbo of a rebirth. With the desire to imagine himself female, sensitive, sexy. With a swinging mood.
The dreamlike suggestion in “Male Nostrum”, the mysterious love in “Venice”, the social raids in “Social Roll”, the dust and the silence in “Limbo” are just some of the tracks that represent the meeting in a place between dark and light, between east and west, with the heart in the south. And as always in that Limbo between life and death.
The eleven tracks represent a shared work with musicians and producers of the caliber of Andrea Benini (Mop Mop), Francesco Giampaoli (Sacri Cuori, Hugo Race) and Manuel Volpe (Rhabdomantic Orchestra).

Recorded between Turin and Ravenna in the hot summer months from 2020 to 2023.
Once again the images and graphics are curated by the Umbrian artist Aimone Marziali.
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert at Almachrome. produced by Andrea Benini.
℗ & © 2023 Agogo Records