“To Know Without Knowing”

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This is a great record and it’s cool.It’s just a beautifully played, beautifully arranged and composed record.

NPR – New Music Friday Top 6 Albums – John Morrison


★★★★ An absorbing ride. Collectivity, groove and a powerful live show are prized and shine through; perfect for the festival season we are sadly missing.”

The Observer – Neil Spencer


★★★★ Beautifully layered and organic, trippy and hypnotic.
This is the good stuff, don’t waste a drop of it! ‘To Know Without Knowing’ reminds us that Ethio-jazz isn’t music that’s rooted in the 60’s but an ever growing, expanding art form that has such relevance today.”
Blues And Soul Magazine


“Lyrically inspired and musically assured, To Know Without Knowing, continues to expand the parameters of what Ethio-jazz can be in the 21st century.”

Bandcamp – Album Of The Day – Andy Beta

★★★★ A startlingly successful marriage of old and new.

Q Magazine – Steve Yates


★★★★An irresistible collective effort.

Volcanic.. fusillades of brass and percussion.. spiraling rhythms.. starkly hypnotic.“

The Times – Clive Davis


“Ancient to modern sensibility.
Rammed with more rhythm-stretching melody than its groove ought to have room for.”

The Guardian – Jazz Album of the Month- John Fordham