DJ MAESTRO “nice!” TIM LOVE LEE “really beautiful” DANNY MASSURE “very nice!” BAMALOVESOUL “yes yes yes” JADA PAROLINI “delicious” JUNIOR “pure joy” RTR FM “absolutely exquisite” SIMBAD “absolutely beautiful” WICKED JAZZ SOUNDS “amazing album. what a vibe!” TOSHIO MATSUURA “smooth” RADIO KRIMI “nice discover” LAURENT GARNIER “stunning – will play on my show” RADIOLAB ITALY “top level” MOUSSE T “beautiful” ECLECTIC JAZZ “lovely to hear something new & refreshing  on a Brazil tip”

Prize-winning recording artist, instrumentalist, composer and arranger Natalie Greffel debuts with her upcoming album “Para Todos“. Through her close interrogation of identity, this rising Berlin-based talent succeeds in investigating the edges, re-sketching new borders and embracing the many facets of herself, both personally and musically. The disrupted histories of the African diaspora, the ravages of imperialism and the expressionism of a common tongue are all etched into the narrative of Natalie’s stunning debut solo album “Para Todos“. The album evokes warmth and unexpected intimacy, newness and familiarity, as it gently deconstructs the paradigm of Brazlian music, reforming it not as a commodity to be sold, but as a recollection of dream-state memories.

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