These two guys came from the same eclectic music scene of Budapest.
They play downtempo, breaks, jazz, funk, hip-hop, dub, electro swing and
all kinds of multikulti folk in their dj sets and they incorporate the
same variety in their own music as well. Savages released his solo debut
album (Five Finger Discount) in 2008
through Chameleon Records. In the same year he met Suefo (also a member
of Vono Box) and they started working together on tracks and remixes.
Since then they did remixes for !DelaDap, [dunkelbunt], Max Pashm, Rube,
Kid Loco, [re:jazz], Danilo Venturi to name a few. These days they’re
busy working on some new remixes and organising new clubnights to
promote electroswing phenomena in Hungary. Their debut album
‘Worldstyle’ incorporates elements of world music,
balkan, electroswing, hip-hop, dowtempo, dub, latin, jazz-breaks and
even some rave bits. 12″ vinyl and CD album coming soon on Agogo