Transdisciplinary artist Laíz was born in the city of Jundiaí (Brazil) in the state of Sâo Paulo in 1999 and migrated to Germany in 2019, where she started her musical journey in the Berlin Jazz scene by blending Latin Groove, Free Jazz and Afrobeat with Brazilian Hip Hop.

Her first album “Ela Partiu” (Portuguese: she left) will be released in co-op by the labels Besser Samstag and Agogo Records. “Ela Partiu” by Laíz & the New Love Experience will be released in September 2024. An ode to the Brazilian music tradition and Brazilian Hip-Hop, seeking innovation in the genre by boldly blending diverse rhythms and instrumental compositions.

“Ela Partiu” consists of 20 musicians, sung in 7 different languages, echoes Laíz‘ story of migration. From the cultural imbalances faced in Europe, to the joy of blending Southern heritages, to the power of culture and our cosmovision, this album fuses magical lyricism and instrumental storytelling in a gentle and vibrant way.

this album is the product of a co-creation process at Nima Studio in Hildesheim, the first full album of the Laíz and NLE to see the light of the world, with many more to follow in times ahead.


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