This first album of Mo’Horizons was such an extraordinary success, nobody ever expected. It became a classical gem in this musical genre Mo’Horizons consists of producers, musicians and DJ’s Ralf Droesemeyer and Mark ‘Foh’ Wetzler. Ralf is reknown for his work with, amongst many others, Cunnie Williams or Randy Crawford.

The first two 12″s ‘Yes Baby Yes’ and ‘Foto Viva’ went straight to the top ten of the DCC (official german club charts) and ‘Foto Viva’ even became a radio hit. On this first album ‘Come touch the sun’ (the record is dedicated to the sun giving warmth & light to all people) the two masterminds melt influences ranging from the soulful fifties, sixties & funky seventies straight to the nineties. Integrating modern production techniques and a handful of talented live-musicians and vocalists they create a sound that varies in mood and style but is still homogenous and therefore can easily be identified as Mo’ Horizons. Nujazz, Soul, Afro, Latin, Funk, Downbeat, Dub, Triphop or Bigbeat: Mo’ Horizons break all boundaries and tear down all musical barricades.