The singer/composer Yanez Servadei and Giorgio Cencetti (DJ Farrapo) met up in 1997. They immediately started a solid friendship and a musical collaboration which led them to create the “Dj Farrapo & Yanez” project in 2005. In April 2006 they recorded and produced the song “Baiano Vem Baina Vai”, released as a single from AfroArt Records leaded by Paul Murphy in London. Two years later, in 2008, second single was released by the Italian label Tam Tam Studio. It contained two outstanding electro-brazilian cuts, one of them “Frango Assado”, specially composed by Yanez for the short film “Domingo, frango assado” directed by Federico Mutti, whose videoclip was on high  rotation on the Sky Channel of National Geographic (NatGeoMusic). Their work goes on as they release, in 2011, another two singles, Mojito com Cachaça/Avisado Remix (Agogo Records) and Samborigeno/Oliveto with (Urban Records). Along the years they participated to many Radio and Tv shows and starred in several world-known compilations, like Hotel Costes 11, Brazilectro 10, Weekend Nu Jazz 2, Sambass4, Wicked Jazz Sound 2, Beginner’s Guide to Brazilian Lounge, Filati Pregiati Vol.2, Cinedelic Sound  among others. And now what? Well… after a long work, Dj Farrapo & Yanez are now ready with their debut LP, “Alien Na Favela”.