West African Funk, full of Soul, on Jembaa Groove’s follow up single and questing journey from a brand new group based out of Berlin, featuring Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas percussionist Eric Owusu

Amale is the latest offering from Berlin based Afro-soul group Jembaa Groove, a brand new outfit and signing to Agogo Records, who unleash their funkiest of rhythms, taken from a debut album that will land in spring 2022.

Garnering a smattering of support from the media world like KEXP, KCRW, Worldwide FM, Rinse FM and enough stations round the world off the back of their Bassa Bassa track, Jembaa Groove are causing a storm with their hybrid West African meets US soul & jazz sound. Amale was recorded in Berlin with a special magic and energy with an unspoken spontaneity which the group embraced as it felt so connected to their philosophy of movement and questing. The meaning of the track further enhances the group’s positive message, about being open to yourself and those around you, bringing truth to you and all.