words by Pachakuti:

“Before the release of Jembaa Groove’s debut album Susuma Agogo Records reached out to me and offered me to do a remix – of one of my favourite bands ! Honored by the request I picked “Adesane”, rearranged it, recorded a Tumbao inspired double bass and added more horn sections with lots of clarinets, a solo Alto, additional keys and the Guasá (percussion) which gave the track the initial aqueous and woody aesthetic. Following that path, while at the Pacific Coast in Buenaventura Colombia I asked Eryen Korath the young queen of the Marimba de Chonta (the Marimba native to the Afro-Colombian Pacific) to add her magic to the track. This is the result. Thanks to everyone who did their part in this small but very special project ! ”

Tenor, Alto & Soprano Sax, Clarinets, additional Keys & Percussion, Bass, production & mix by Pachakuti
Marimba de Chonta by Eryen Korath
Mixing advice by Young Vishnu
Mastered by Kelly Hibbert

Artwork by Exoceexiste