Following his cooperation with japanese jazz trio Nautilus, Oonops initiated another multifaceted cover version like its predecessor “Root Down” featuring Fleur Earth. This time he had the idea to combine De La Soul’s classic ‘A Roller Skating Jam Named “Sundays”‘ with The UMC’s breakpart in “One To Grow On” and giving it a new twist with Canadian rapper Abdominal and Japanese songstress Kei Owada. German producer Glueset beefed it up with some heavy breaks to send this little gem straight to the dancefloor. On the other side you get the raw instrumental Jazz version by Nautilus.

‘A Roller Skating Jam Named “Sundays”‘ will not be available on his upcoming compilation OONOPS DROP Vol. 2, so be quick to grab your limited white copy.

About Oonops: he’s hosting a monthly, successful broadcast show named “Oonops Drops” on Brooklyn Radio (NYC) since five years including exclusive guest mixes by Coldcut, Guts, Morcheeba, DJ Damage (Jazz Liberatorz), DJ Kaos (The Artifacts), Nostalgia 77, The Herbaliser, Nickodemus and many more.