Hidden Jazz Quartett

The members of the HJQ are some of the best Jazz musicians from Germany. These guys played along with Wayne Shorter, Lionel Hampton, Randy Crawford, Maria Joao… just to name a few.

The music of the HJQ is groove orientated Jazz and Soul. on their debut album ‘Raw & Cooked’ you will find a package full of new heavyweight compositions, as well as cover versions from ‘Lush Life’ and ‘Nardis’.

The band:

  • STEPHAN ABEL – sax
  • LUTZ KRAJENSKI – hammond
  • OLAF CASIMIR – bass
  • MAZE MEUSEL – drums
  • ULLE ROHDE – guitar
  • CHRISTIAN DECKER – production
  • RALF ZITZMANN – production


Raw and Cooked view
Tap On The Backdoor ft. Greg Blackman view
High Heels view
Remix EP view
Wälzer view



On Tour

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