exclusive presale of the new 7″ Single by the Hidden Jazz Quartett featuring Omar on vocals and they don’t take a prisoner on this Jazz & Soul track, while Lack Of Afro makes a strong 60s statement on his “High Heels” version.

some feedback so far:

Gilles Peterson “Oh Yes!”
Dr. Bob Jones “Superb production on this…love it !”
Andrew Gibson “great stuff – Omar sounds immense”

Dom Servini “great to hear Omar in a real Jazz setting”

DJ Asparagus “Hell Yeah !”

Renegades Of Jazz “both tracks are absolutely killers”

Quincy Jointz “Lack of Afro did it again. Amazing remix.”

Mousse T “How Good Is This !!!!!”
DJ Maestro “Great track! Will be on rotation at Arrow Jazz FM for sure!”
Joe Davies “Loving it ! Rocking it !”
Simbad “RETRO GOOD VIIIIIIIIIIIBES YES iiiiiiiiiiii totally diggin !! !!!!”