The inspiration for this new song came from the countless nights we ended up at the Hoodna Bar in Florentin, Tel Aviv. Perhaps we played a show there or somewhere else, met up with some friends or made new ones, just rolled out of bed and had nothing better to do. Countless nights full of inspiration, connections, ideas and flow.
On every night like this there’s always a moment where you can feel tomorrow peeping from the edge of your clouded mind like the sun rising through the clouds.
That’s when you know the night is over and its time to go home (or sometimes its when the real fun starts…)
The Hoodna Bar has always been a home for us and this song is us paying homage to those beautiful magical moments we shared there.
Our story with the Hoodna Bar started in 2012 when a group of musicians from south Tel Aviv formed an Afrobeat orchestra. All the hangouts and meeting took place in The Hoodna and the bar owners gave the band permission to use the storage room as a rehearsal space. the orchestra’s first shows happened there and still feels like a real home for the band.
Since the recent global health crisis, The Hoodna Bar finds itself in extreme financial difficulty and started a crowdfunding campaign in order to reopen and keep open.
This new release is part of our effort to shine a light on the importance and relevance of the Hoodna to the community and revealing a small part of our special relationship with the place.