Savages y Suefo’s debut “Worldstyle” came out in early 2013. The eclectic album melts downtempo, dub, hip-hop, world music and electro-swing tunes. they are continuing the story with some nice remixes in also very different styles. The French trip-hop guru Kid Loco made an radio friendly version from the raw original of “Or Ve Hoshech” – a tune sung in old-hebrew language. Savages y Suefo’s longtime friend [dunkelbunt] brought new flavor to “Ballroom Breakers” with wobbling basslines and German vocals from MC Alix. Fab Samperi worked on the same tune, and his deep-swing-bossa idea fits perfect to the original vibe. Datax, one half of the Balkan Vision group made a perfect party drum’n’bass track from “Our World Our Style”. M.W.D. did a groovy latin-house from “Baby Gone” while Jan Pyroman produced an atmospheric tune from “Tequila Man”.
The vinyl version contains one and a half minutes of extra scratch tools on both sides, while the digital version brings more quality remixes and instrumentals from MustBeat Crew, Hanzee, Kid Loco and [dunkelbunt]. In total we can say that this EP works well in different sets wheter it’s played on a party, in a bar or in the radio.