Sola Rosa return to release yet another another vibrant, genre­splitting remix album ‘Low and Behold, High and Beyond ­ The Remixes‘ available digitally on June 27.
Two years in the making and encompassing 23 tracks in total, the album mashes your favourite tracks from 2012’s ‘Low and Behold, High and Beyond’ by some of the best international and local producers, handpicked by Sola Rosa’s captain and commander Andrew Spraggon.
“This album was simply a wish­list of some of my favourite producers out there right now making interesting music. The whole project came together very organically and I’m really happy with the end result. Its a real mixed bag of funk, soul, reggae, glitch, neo­soul and some abstract beats for good measure” ­ Spraggon.
‘Low and Behold, High and Beyond ­ The Remixes’ follows suit and the previous success of Sola Rosa’s 2009’s ‘Get It Together’ remix album that proved Spraggon and his musical troop continue to produce exceptional nu­soul, funk and hip­hop beats.
Destined to be a fan favourite, ‘Promise’ gets a shake­up by Tall Black Guy and Bolts respectively, while K+Lab bashes out a banger on ‘Wiggle’ alongside Mop Mop and TGB. Other remixes from Jay Knight, Baptman, Sert One, Isaac Aesili, Scratch 22 just to name a few.


01. Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul (Tall Black Guy Remix)
02. Wiggle Ft Olivier Daysoul (K+Lab Remix)
03. Loveless Ft. LA Mitchell (Baptman Remix)
04. Spinning Top (Flamingosis Remix)
05. Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul (Scratch 22 Remix)
06. Real Life Ft. LA Mitchell (Ed Leigh Remix)
07. I’m Not Dat Guy [reflip] Ft. Spikey Tee (Iglooghost Remix)
08. Loveless Ft. LA Mitchell (Sert One Remix)
09. Lions Den (Cooking With Caustic Remix)
10. Wiggle Ft Olivier Daysoul (Mop Mop Remix)
11. Promise Ft. Olivier Daysoul (Isaac Aesili Remix)
12. Real Life Ft. LA Mitchell (Azaxx Remix)
13. Love Lost [Loveless] Ft. LA Mitchell (Jay Knight Remix)
14. I’m Not That Guy Ft. Spikey Tee (Bolts Remix)
15. Promise (Tall Black Guy Remix Instrumental)
16. Wiggle (K+Lab Remix Instrumental)
17. Loveless (Baptman Remix Instrumental)
18. Promise (Scratch 22 Remix Instrumental)
19. Real Life (Ed Leigh Remix Instrumental)
20. Promise (Isaac Aesili Remix Instrumental)
21. Real Life (Azaxx Remix Instrumental)
22. Loveless (Sert One Remix Instrumental)
23. I’m Not That Guy (Bolts Remix Instrumental)