As our label is celebrating its ten years anniversary in 2017 it’s about time for an appraisal. we asked LUTZ KRAJENSKI to re-interpret some songs from our catalog. the full album will be released in early 2018, but here we go with a first taste: “I Got Hope” is originally written and recorded by The Hi-Fly Orchestra and a special bonus to this 7″ Single is the cover version of TIMMY THOMAS’ classic tune “Cold, Cold People”.

The Musicians:

Lutz Krajenski – Production and Arrangements, Recordings, Edits, Mix; Keyboards, Foot Pedal Bass
Alana Alexander – Vocals, Backing Vocals
Christian Diener – Electric & Double Bass
Peter Gall – Drums
Bruno Müller – Guitars
Benny Brown – Trumpet
Stephan Abel – Saxophone, Flute
Jürgen Neudert – Trombone
Rainer von Egestorff – Solina Strings, Clavinet
Phil Kullmann – Percussions
Philipp Pumplün – Pandeiro