“Invocation is an artistic need, is a fresh new chapter in the evolution of my music. In this album I tried to abandoned fears and expectations because, even if we don’t realise it, they can badly affect our creativity and the purity of our compositions. Free from these limitations, the music can flow without filters, barriers or preconceptions and, most importantly, is not limited by market diktats. It’s music just for the music.

Invocation is my third solo album, entirely produced, composed, performed, arranged, and sung by myself. For the first time I decided to play and record all instruments, without the support from the band that has accompanied me on my journey so far, to expresses completely and deeply my musical vision.

Every and each instrument was played like a mantra, a willful sound that allows to connect with our innermost soul, a secret door to discover our hidden self.
The whole album has been recording between my home town Lecce in the south of Italy during august and september 2012 and in Berlin during october and december of the same year. Of course the German capital has deeply influenced my writing and appoaching to the new project. In Berlin the people are much more free to express themselves, this energy was exactly what my record needed.

Personal words from Gabriele Poso about „Invocation“:

During the recording session of this album I was reading a book , “The Daily Practice Of Painting” by Gerhard Richter, a personal present from a special friend. In that particular moment of my life, this book gave me a real explanation of my musical vision, deeply inspired my creativity and helped me to focus on going into myself. In this book I found a phrase, or should I say, a phrase found me, that really represents the essence of this album with all my feelings, emotions and fears in my ongoing journey:

“To believe, one must have lost God; to paint, one must have lost art.”
Gerhard Richter

And I have lost music.”

Gabriele Poso.