DA LATA “Deixa” (Drumagick Remixes)
EAN 4260140 540804
release date: 23. June 2014

01. Deixa (Drumagick’s Sun n Bass Remix)
02. Deixa (Drumagick’s Sun n Bass Remix Instrumental)
03. Deixa (Original Version)

Hot on the heels of their stunning album release “Fabiola”, Da Lata ease into summer with a release primed for the festival season, and World Cup 2014.

Drumagick work their wizardry in the timeless Brazilian drum and bass style on “Deixa”. maintaining all the charm and subtle swing of Jandira Silva’s vocal but double timing the beats, changing the bass, and adding some of their own instrumental flourishes they make this as classic as anything in this fertile sub-genre.

Image_ Zico. Sleeve based on Antonio Carlos Jobim’s 1967 album ‘WAVE’ Credit: James Campbell Taylor, Pennarello Design,