Tião Duá is a Brazilian music trio formed by three young prominent musicians from Minas Gerais’ scene. Inspired by the versatility and richness of Brazilian popular music, their concerts present their original songwriting in a very dancing show with a lot of strength and swing.

Formed in 2011 by Gustavito Amaral, Luiz Gabriel Lopes and Juninho Ibituruna, the trio, who initially presented in bars and underground parties in Belo Horizonte, they soon crossed the ocean and hit the road, traveling through several countries in Europe on an extensive tour.

The album “Tião Experiença” is the first release of the trio and brings together ten songs written during the tour they did in Europe in 2011, when they crossed Portugal, Holland, Germany, Spain and England performing more than 30 concerts.

In 2012 the trio returned to Europe for another tour, and new songs emerged, inspired by the experiences of the road. Always based on powerful grooves, they sing their stories mainly in Portuguese, sometimes Spanish and English, possibly even in Romanian or Lithuanian. They are native culture devouring, hungry music cannibals. Tião Duá’s music is the genuine expression of complete freedom of creation, half-hippie half-punk style, having its feet firmly planted on the beat of Brazilian samba and funk, arms on rock and hip-hop and head sunk deep into the psychedelia in progressive rock and free jazz.

The best way to reach them is at their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tiaodua