Some very nice feedback on upcoming album by our man from Sicily FAB SAMPERI is coming in:

KCSF Radio “absoultely fantastic. can’t wait to drop some of these “bombs” to the dancefloor”
DJ mps Pilot “This is a party! Love it. Will enjoy a lot of folks with this one“
KHMD Radio “An amazingly protean collection of bossa-influenced cuts that are each tasty in their own ways.”
RootDown FM “Bustin latin flava!”
Timewarp “Great collection of dope remixes, hard to pick a fav.”
WRTC-FM “Never too much of a good thing… Fab is back and we are all in the groove”
Uldis Cirulis, Rigaradio “In this album every track is banger on the dance floor. Love it, love it, love it !”

have a listen here: Fab Samperi “Power Bossa Remixed”