Even based on a book by John Milton “Paradise Regain’d” is the remixed version of Paradise Lost.
Starting with it’s mellifluous title track, Paradise Regain’d shows the remixing skills of some great producers around. Titeknots turns “Neverday” into a House-ish Club anthem while Jim Dunloop is
taking “Death Grip” into the Funk corner. Hot Border Special are giving the “Cannibal Royal” a special Afrofunk treatment and Cinema City / Copycat from Australia have worked out a great cinematic version of “Neverday”.
All remixes by Skeewiff, Smoove and Cadien of the Fire EP with Aspects are also included as well as some special versions of Renegades Of Jazz a.k.a. David Hanke himself; don’t miss his Blues/Gospel version of “Imperial Breed” with Greg Blackman and the Spike The Punch Mix of Hellesens with Dylan Kennaway.

please have a listen here: Agogo on Bandcamp | iTunes