The new edition of the “Listen To Berlin” Album features – beside some other interesting bands – our great band ONOM AGEMO & THE DISCO JUMPERS ! please click here for some more details: listen to berlin

“Each year with ‘listen to berlin‘, we start on a new acoustical trip. The more than 200 submissions that we have received for this 8th compilation provided a great ride: sometimes rapid, sometimes relaxed, sometimes soft, sometimes edgy as we moved across all genres, tempos and moods and were especially attentive whenever a new name came up. The final result is this very colourful mix which only shares one thing in common with past editions – that it is once again very different. Where is the journey taking us? Onwards and upwards. Thanks, Berlin.”

Olaf “Gemse” Kretschmar [Berlin Music Commission]

“The great range of musicians proves once again the unbroken attraction that Berlin holds for creatives. Musicians from all genres and nationalities find Berlin‘s inspiring surroundings to be very beneficial to their work.”

Katja Lucker [Musicboard Berlin GmbH]

“Berlin of course has more to offer than heavy techno and rock: various artists who could not be more different, exciting and sometimes mind-blowing. This sampler presents some of them.”

Jean-Paul Mendelsohn [XJAZZ Festival]

“It was a great pleasure to listen to this year‘s contributions. But it also was a very hard task to select just a few of them and put them together in a way that takes you on a ride through the sound of the city. I hope you‘ll enjoy the result just as much as I do.”

Christoph Schrag [Radio Fritz]

“‘listen to berlin‘ is a remarkable collection of the wide musical variety of this city. With its blood, sweat and some tears, the jury chose songs from indie to electronica and from afro to jazz to represent the finest recent trends of Berlin‘s musical landscape.”

Peer Steinwald [Budde Music]

“The journey through the sounds of Berlin was a lot of fun and I discovered so much that I didn‘t know before. And the exchange with the other jury members was great. Like a dinner with friends where you talk about bands and the latest music for hours … Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of it and enabling me to broaden my musical horizon.”

Fruzsina Szép [Berlin Festival & Lollapalooza Berlin]