If you take an off-road trip to the region north of Perugia and south of Firenze, west of Livorno and east of San Marino you will find a number of little recording studios. This is Italy’s heartland you pass through when you travel down from Milano towards Rome. It is exactly here where multi-instrumentalists Massi Amadori (guitars, slide guitar, percussions, ukulele, freeze sound & harmonium) and Francesco Tappi (double bass, bows, whistle) recorded „Dead Dance“.

Describing their style as „Latin Desert & Funeral Party“ music, OPEZ clearly go their own special way. But listen to the debut album „Dead Dance“ and you will find that this path is quite an exciting one. Set in a haunting environment of acoustic instruments and an expertly stylish production, the twelve songs recorded by duo Massi Amadori und Francesco Tappi are a journey into a twilight world of emotion and imagination.

production supervisor: Andrea Benini from Mop Mop !

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