Massive feedback is coming in for Stephan Abel’s album “The Windmills Of Your Mind”. some quotes so far:

Radio SWH – Riga “Jazz in all his beauty with great musicians and right sound.”
KALX 90.7FM – Berkely “This is superb jazz”
Phil Horneman – Wicked Jazz Sounds “This is beautiful and perfect for a very cold winter day”
Niksa Dragolin – Radio Eurostar 101.7fm “this is a massive soulful release”
Ketch A Vibe Radioshow “Straight ahead jazz and no compromises”
Junior – Record Breakin “Reminds me of a lazy afternoon in the park! Just what the doctor ordered”
Ibiza Soulstice Radioshow “love this excellent release”
Cesare Cera – Irma Records “high quality music for serious listeners!”
Andrea Benini – Mop Mop “Great Jazz album! One of the few modern releases you can listen entirely without skipping any tracks!”
Ferry Ghods “brilliant !”
KHMD Radio “Beautifully recorded and rendered, a slow burn that will put listeners into a reverie…”
Urgent FM “beautiful. intimate. craftmanship”

have a listen here: Agogo Records Shop