After a long sabbatical, Da Lata bounce back with the first single
from their forthcoming album, a Brazil meets Brixton reinterpretation of
The Jam’s timeless hit ‘Going Underground’.

On December 03 Da Lata will release the first single from their new
album scheduled for release in early 2013. Available as a limited
edition 7” vinyl and digital download, ‘Going Underground’ features the
vocal talents of Brixton homegirl Floetic Lara. On the flip ‘Places We
Go’ is a brooding instrumental with psychedelic organ, textured
percussion and a telling contribution from UK trombonist Dennis Rollins.

Following two rapturously received London shows at Gilles Peterson
and Patrick Forge’s “Sunday Afternoon At Dingwalls” session and the Casa
Brasil showcase at Somerset House, Da Lata will launch the single and
perform live on December 01 at Dalston’s New Empowering Church.

The Jam’s original release of Going Underground played against a
backdrop of unrest as Thatcher’s early government began stripping back
the state leaving many out of work and out of pocket. Going
Underground’s torch-bearing sentiments have not been dimmed by the
intervening years. From the Iron Lady’s first government to Danny
Boyle’s Olympics opening ceremony, the message of the song is as
pertinent now as it ever has been.

The Da Lata version of ‘Going Underground’ is built on a
samba-reggae rhythm that swings with a bite. Floetic Lara’s swaggering
vocal adds some raw power, street savvy and sweetness to bring the song
up to date with a female twist.

Da Lata is songwriter and producer Chris Franck (Smoke City, Zeep)
and DJ Patrick Forge. Da Lata’s as yet untitled new album draws on their
worldwide family of singers and players and features Mayra Andrade,
Miguel Atwood Ferguson, ,Luisa Maita, Jandira Silva, Graveola, and
Diabel Cissokho amongst a cast of many more who’ve all helped craft an
album with a much rawer, all live approach, full of Afro-Brazilian
flavour and London attitude.

please have a pre-listen here: LINK