Supersoul - Supersoul

Type album
Release Date 27 October 2017
Cat. No. AR099CD|AR099VL
Format DLP|CD|digital



Info Deutsch:

Die vierköpfige Band aus Hannover – für Festivals auch in großer Besetzung mit Bläsern und Backgroundsängerinnen zu haben – verbindet in ihren selbstgeschriebenen Songs urbane Funk- und Soulgrooves mit deutschen Texten.

Rau und analog im Studio Nord in Bremen produziert, liefert ihr Debut – Album authentische und leidenschaftliche Botschaften gegen Rassismus, Gier und Engstirnigkeit – stilsicher verpackt in einen fetten, funky, extrem tanzbaren Sound. Ganz in der großen Stax-Tradition, die SUPERSOUL genauso geprägt hat wie der lässig-discoide Phillysound. Das Album erscheint am 28.Oktober 2017 und wird mit einer großen Promotour begleitet. Vorab wird die Single „Mein Name ist Mensch“, eine geniale Souladaption des großartigen Songs von Ton, Steine, Scherben veröffentlicht.

Info English:

SUPERSOUL are a real band. A band in love with analogue instruments and mastering their craft. A rat pack of five groove fanatics accumulating enough years, wisdom and experience to tell truly authentic stories within their songs – songs which are taking the bands audience on a journey into the 60s and 70s sound of Black America. SUPERSOUL are playing Funk ‘n’ Soul on a hot, steamy, energetic and passionate tip, performing self-written songs with stories told in the bands mothertongue – German.

With Arne Busch as vocalist and band leader SUPERSOUL is built around a true force. His vision and expression of Soul is phrased like the emphasis of a preacherman’s gospel whilst fat and funky grooves are masterly crafted and carefully layered by Margot Gontarski and drummer Lars Heindorf a.k.a. Soulsurfer, glazed with wah-wah-heavy licks played by guitar wizard Toni Campioni. Their experienced interplay on the latest SUPERSOUL album is polished with loads of analogue engineering magic at Studio Nord Bremen and perfectly complemented by solos and arrangements of Lutz ‘Hammond’ Krajenski and seven other guest musicians.


Arne Busch: Vocals
Toni Campioni: Gitarre
Martin “Margot ” Gontarski: Bass
Lars “Soulsurfer” Heindorf: Drums

Plus :

Lutz Krajenski: keys
Tino Vetter: percussion
Mica & Carina: backing voclas
York Ostermayer: saxophone, flute, bass clarinet

Horn Section:

Andreas Barkhoff: trombone
Gary Winters: trumpet
Felix Petry: tenor sax

Horn Arrangements “Mein Name Ist Mensch” and “Feuer” by Lutz Krajenski

mixed by Gregor Hennig and Supersoul. produced by Supersoul. Mastered by Kelly Hibbert.